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February 8, 2010

Diigo Exploration #2

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I have been exploring Diigo one little chunk at a time.  In my latest attempt to understand Diigo, I learned how to BOOKMARK.

You can bookmark a website in a similar manner that you would bookmark a website using your web browser.  With Diigo, you just click on your diigo toolbar and click “bookmark this page”.  A screen will then come up which will allow you to enter further information about the website:

– make it public or private

– mark as “read” or “unread” (if you mark it as “unread”, when you go back to read it, the status will automatically change to “read”)

– “twitter this” to share with followers

– add a memo in the description box (Neat: you can automatically enter information in the description box by highlighting a portion of the text on the webiste before clicking “add bookmark”)

– add tags (suggestions are given to make it easier)

– can share them with a list/group if you have one set up

In my next Diigo blog, I will be exploring highlighting and post it notes.  Ever since I downloaded my Diigo toolbar, I have found post it notes all over my websites.  I will have to find out what all of that is about soon!


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