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April 5, 2010

A Reflection on my Diigo Presentation

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I partnered up with Brandee and gave a tag-team presentation on Diigo last week.

Something I am really glad we did was have a practice run on Elluminate the day before the presentation.  It gave us lots of ideas and helped us stay organized.  We were able to record it so we had a chance to learn from our mistakes before the official presentation and figure out how much we could do within the time limits of the presentation.  We also created an outline for our presentation so that we could stay on track and know exactly what topics and order of topics we would each cover.  We did do the presentation from two separate computers so I found the outline really helped us work well together even though we were not communicating in person.

I can definitely see that my presentation skills have improved since my last Elluminate presentation. I tried to be more animate with my voice and can definitely hear that improvement in the recording.  Something I did notice that I would like to change is the amount of times I use the words “so” and “um”.  I found in my internship I commonly tried to work on talking with better sentence structure so that is a challenge I am quite familiar with and will probably be working on for quite some time.

Even though we did a practice run of the presentation and ended up cutting out some information due to time restrictions, I still think we might have cramed too much information into one presentation.  I kept track of the time during the presentation and we ended up taking about 16 minutes and there were times when we were rushing so if I were to do it over again, I might have cut even more information out.

There was one technical problem that I would really like to know how to solve in the case I end up in this predicament one day in the future.  A the time, I thought it was just my computer but then I noticed it on the recording too.  when Brandee was trying to show the uses of the diigo toolbar, the toolbar drop down options were blacked out so that you could not see anything.  No one mentioned this in the chat, which I found odd, so maybe it really is just my computer after all??

One problem I did not expect was the lack of participation.  I think that although there seemed to be over 10 people in attendance, I am not sure all of those ten people were actually sitting at their computers. I noticed whenever I asked a question, I would get responses from the same three or four people and did not see any activity from anyone else when I asked them to raise their hands, for example.  One of the things I really wanted to improve on from my last presentation was my communication with the audience and I believe I put in a much better effort this time.  The problem was that I was fairly certain I did not have much of an audience at all!  I am not even sure we had the full attention of any one individual throughout the entire presentation.  This reminds me of how easily it is to get distracted during some of these presentations and how important it is to set your status as “away” when you are not there.  I have decided that from now on, during these presentations I will give my full attention to the presenter or I will not attend at all.  There is no point in attending if I am going to be distracted by something else the whole time and it is definitely not fair to the presenter.


February 10, 2010

My first Elluminate lesson

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Last night I had the opportunity to teach my first lesson on Elluminate. It was definitely an interesting and unique experience that I would like to try again. I know there are already some things that I would like to improve on.

Some of the challenges I faced:


– I found there were a lot of distractions around me that made it difficult to teach at times. Someone would write something in the conversation box while I was speaking and I would catch myself trying to read it while speaking and that did not work so well. Eventually I just decided to ignore the conversation box until I could pause from talking. I also found everything in my house very distracting. My dogs would come in and try to bug me or my husband was trying to talk to me. I was only in the hot seat for under 10 minutes and yet so many distractions occurred in that time. I think next time I will have to lock myself in a quiet room to avoid distractions.

Teaching Blind

– I was really surprised to find that I was slightly frustrated because I could not see my ‘students’. I could not see their reactions to what I was saying so it was hard to tell if they were interested in what I was saying, confused, or just wanted me to move on to the next point. I realized very quickly how dependent I am on having that face to face contact in my classroom. It really does have a major influence on how I teach a lesson. I was only supposed to take 5 minutes but I went overtime and believe that was because I felt I had to do more explaining without those reassuring nods and vigilant eye contact! I am not sure yet how I will be able to address this problem in my next Elluminate session. I am hoping to get some ideas by watching others teach using Elluminate in the next few weeks.

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