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March 15, 2010


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Opening the lines of communication…does a note like this one look familiar to anyone that has ever had a roommate?

I have decided that after many months of conflict, drama, and argument after argument, I am going to have to blog about my roommates and seek advice from my cyberfriends.

In my four years of renting, I have had more than TEN different roommates and next month I am getting new ones to add to the count.  I could probably write an entire book on the experiences that I have had with my many roommates.   Some have been great and others not so good.

The roommates I have now are absolutely, hands down, the worst I have ever had!  I sooo cannot wait until the end of this month when they move out.  The main problem I have with them is COMMUNICATION! In fact, I would have to say that has been the root of most of the conflicts I have ever had with roommates.  The problem with these two is that I am not sure they understand the word communication at all. They have been living here for about sixth months now.  I can count about 100 times they have called my landlord to complain about something we were doing or picked up our stuff and moved it somewhere without our permission and I cannot count ONE time when they came to us to tell us they had a problem.  We have approached them everytime they have upset us by not communicating and told them to please speak with us if they have a problem.  We really are not hard to get along with!  TV is too loud?? Well, ask, I can probably turn it down!  My laundry is done and I forgot about it? knock on the door, i will happily move it!  But….no matter how many times we ask them to PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE communicate, they will not.  It has become an endless battle and now…my landlord is very very mad.

Here is a retelling of the phone call I got at 9:00 this morning:

Landlord: “are you playing the piano?” (it is a digital piano, i had it on med-low volume)

Me: “yes”

Landlord: “well I am having a very busy day and dont have time for this but the guys downstairs are calling me complaining about you playing the piano so could you stop playing.  I know you shouldn’t have to but I don’t have time to come over there and tell them to stop the crap”

Me: “thats funny, they never said anything to me. I could have turned it down if they would have just asked. It is not the middle of the night or anything.  I can turn it down but I am not about to stop playing.  Why should I have to be silent for them?”

Landlord: “well, I am just tired of dealing with them. Could you just help me out and wait it out

with me? They are only going to be here for a couple more weeks”

me: “i guess so”

I get along with my landlord really well and I know he is doing his best in this situation, but I am really tempted to just tell him to deal with it.  Why should I have to tiptoe around my house during the day?  I am paying rent too!  It is not like I am blaring the stereo and shaking the house or partying until three am (which the roommates do frequently).  At the same time, it is obvious that my roommates are irrational and refuse to deal with problems in mature ways.  That makes me a little afraid right now.  What if the start thinking “o, well this is my last month here, so I am just going to do whatever I feel like?”  We share storage space. They could easily steal or damage something of mine or they could easily come into my suite and do something terrible.  Who knows really…. So now I have to decide if I am going to fight the fight or lay low until they leave!  Decisions, decisions.

On the plus side, if you ever want to improve your communication and conflict-management skills, get a roommate.  You will learn a lot!


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