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A Wiki is a type of webpage where anyone can enter it and change or modify the information on the webpage. One of the most popular Wikis on the internet is wikipedia. Universities and schools around the world are using wiki’s everyday for various activities. They can be used to communicate outside of class time, work on group projects, communicate grades and assignments, submit assignments, among many other things.

If you would like more information about wikis, I would suggest viewing the following ITBL article:

Wikis Information

You can also click on the following link to view a wiki video:

Wiki Video

If you want to view my wiki, visit

Wikis can be useful tools in the classroom. It encourages students to collaborate information and knowledge. Students could work independently to gather information on a topic and then bring it to the wiki as part of a group. This allows children to take ownership of their work as well as gain knowledge from other students in a quick and easy way. In addition students could use wikis to create online journals, lab books, research notebooks, portfolios and online textbooks.

For an example, refer to the Saskatchewan Evergreen Curriculum in Entrepreneurship 30. In Module 2: Case Studies in Entrepreneurship, students will “compare and contrast a variety of entrepreneurial ventures”. I would give students an assignment where they have to interview an entrepreneur in the community. They will then need to share the information that they found in a class wiki.

This is a beneficial way of approaching this assignment because students will have the opportunity to learn about more than one entrepreneur in the community without having to personally interview each one of them. In addition, they can also comment on one another’s assignments and share similar ideas. In contrast to blogs, one class wiki would be much easier to set up and view in a general format. If you wanted students to have a printed copy of the final product, when printed, it would appear just like a document formatted in word. This is much easier than having the students collaborate all of their information in a word document. Here, students can do this together at their computers in a matter of minutes! Essentially, using a wiki can be a much more efficient use of time and better encourage collaboration and teamwork in a classroom than many traditional methods.


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