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A webpage is a page on a website. Websites can be created online or using software programs. There are free and purchased online website-maker programs. You can also buy software in stores to help you build websites. Sometimes, when you buy a computer, it will come with one of those software tools. A common program is DreamWeaver. I have created a website using Dreamweaver to provide an example for you.

A website is very similar to a blog. The significant difference between the two is that blogs are chronological where websites are not. It is debatable as to which is easier to use (a blog or a website). Depending on the program being used, a website can sometimes be more difficult to create because you have to design your own backgrounds, fonts, texts, and set up ftp files as well as webpage links. If you are trying to decide between a blog or a website, you will need to consider the programs available as well as the purpose for your blog or website.

There are several ways that you can use websites in your classroom. You can have students create web pages to display artwork, projects, PowerPoint, writing, research, videos, pictures and reflections to name a few. The benefits of web pages is that it allows students to share their work with anyone in the world. This includes family, friends, peers, and other classrooms around the world. It encourages students to make sure their work is “top notch” because anyone in the world can see it.

For an example from the Saskatchewan Evergreen Curriculum, refer to Entrepreneurship 30. An optional module for students is Entrepreneurship and the Internet:“In conjunction with a Communication Production Technology or Information Processing class, students could create a website to support a venture.” I think that is an excellent suggestion. In Entrepreneurship 30, students usually create a venture as individuals or in groups. As part of the venture, I would have students create a website that advertises their business. The program used to create the website will depend on the software available in the school, but if I could, I would use Dreamweaver. For their website, students would have to include the following:

  • Title of Venture
  • Description of Venture
  • Special Offers

Appearance of Webpage:

  • attractive
  • easy to read
  • photos or graphics to enhance website
  • appealing to target audience

I would then grade students based on their ability to achieve the requirements for the assignment.

This website assignment would be beneficial to students because it would give them experience creating web pages. The web has become a huge tool for advertising in the market, so it is a great chance for students to become actively involved in internet business. In the future, they will likely need to make websites!


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