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Smartboards are a new kind of technology that are being introduced in classrooms around the world.  The Smartboard is bascially a touch-screen computer on a large screen. The main feature of a Smartboard is the “notebook software”. This software allows you to do numerous things. You can write notes on blank pages, create new pages, highlight words to turn them into computer text, change font size and style, etc. You can also use the “gallery” option which provides additional interactive resources in a variety of subject areas. You can also use the smartboard to share video, pictures, and search the internet.

Smartboards are being used in all classes in a variety of subject areas from grade one levels to University levels. They can be used for note taking, brainstorming activities, project display, viewing internet websites, viewing photographs and videos, apprentiship learning methods for new processes, etc. The additional programs created for you on smartboard are also useful, such as timers, diagrams, sound recordings, interactive quizzes, and animated explanations.

In the music section of Arts Education 9 in the Saskatchewan Evergreen Curriculum, students are expected to “examine how music both reflects and influences societies”. For a fun, interactive game using the Smartboard, I would have students play a pictionary game:


  • Place the secret words in a box. These words will be related to the topic “music in society” and include a variety of places where we hear music.
  • On the smartboard, place the “timer” at one minute and set it to “count down” the time.
  • Split the students into teams and draw a chart to record points on the corner of the smartboard.

The Rules

  • One at a time, students will draw a word from the box and use the smart board markers to draw pictures to get their team  to guess the word.
  • no symbols, words, or letters
  • no talking
  • if the word is guessed by that player’s team, they get one point!
  • when the one minute is up and the team has not guessed the word, the other team has one guess as a chance to steal.

The Smartboard would be a useful tool for this because you can have the timer, points chart, and player’s drawings on the board all at the same time in a place where all students can see. It is also fun for students to go up to the board and use the markers. They can also use different colours and tools in their drawings to make it fun. In addition, you could produce a new slide each time a new student has to draw. This way, at the end of the class, you can print the pictures and display them around the classroom to remind students of how important music is in society.

If  you are looking for additional resources, please visit the following websites:

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