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PowerPoint is a presentation program created by Microsoft. It can be used for a variety of purposes and is especially useful in the classroom. On the powerpoint, you can include information, pictures, links to websites, videos, create backgrounds, change font colours and styles, create diagrams, create charts, and much more! Some great ways to use PowerPoint in a school setting include a presentation of some powerful photos to begin a lesson, an easy way to organize a set of weblinks you would like to show the students, a tool for fun interactive games like Jeopardy, an outline of what you will be doing in the class, a presentation of new information, and as a tool for students to use to present projects. The important thing to remember about PowerPoints is that you are using it as a tool for learning, not a crutch and not as a teacher in itself. If you would like some reference tools for how to create a great PowerPoint, i would recommend the online video called Scott Elias on Presentations He provides some useful and interesting tips. Click the following link to see an examples of a PowerPoint I created using Elias’ suggestions:

Shinichi Suzuki

In the History 20 Curriculum, it states that students will “discuss whether there is a criterion which should determine what areas of life should be considered the domain of the individual and the domain of the state.” I have created a pictures powerpoint that could be used during a lesson to promote discussion of this particular topic. You might want to first caution students that some of the images are difficult to view. Each image represents a situation (WW2) where individual rights were completely taken over. Spend some time on each slide and ask students for their immediate reactions to the pictures. Ask them to put themselves in the shoes of various people in the images. What would you be thinking? Do you know where your family is? Use words like “who” what” where” and “why” when asking students questions.

The powerpoint was easy to make, put could still have a powerful impacts on students. The other neat thing about powerpoint presentations is that you can post them on webpages, blogs, or send them by email so that each student can have a copy.

In comparison to overheads and passing around photos, the PowerPoint will provide better graphics, a larger screen so all students can see and will show students the importance of keeping updated with technology. Another thing is that when you create great PowerPoints that students enjoy, they will also create great PowerPoints because they have seen good examples. Most likely, many students in the classroom will be giving PowerPoints to colleagues in their workplace in the future, so showing them the value of images and the usefulness of a PowerPoint when approached in the right way, is a valuable lesson in itself.


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