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A podcast is an audio file that can be shared online. Sometimes you will see videos or images attached to podcasts, but it is usually just an audio file. Typically, a podcast is a recording of one or more people giving a speech. This can be accompanied by background music as well. There are a variety of programs available to help you create your own podcast.

Here is an example of a podcast i created using Garage Band:

Marketing Crew

There are a number of ways that you can use podcasts in the classroom. Students could create a news report on a particular topic, read a book, short story or poetry over podcast, write a personal speech and display it using a podcast, record a song that they have learned on their instrument, etc. There are many ways that you can creatively use podcasts to enhance student learning.

Refer to the Band 20 curriculum. Some of the objectives for students include that students will:

  • Produce a characteristic tone on their instrument.
  • Perform with technical accuracy and fluency.
  • Apply technical abilities as a means to musical expression.

Podcasts would be a great tool for student evaluation if your school and/or students have the appropriate software and resources available. I would have my students each play a short solo and record it using a podcast. They will also need to provide a brief introduction to the piece (composer, background information, title of the piece, etc).  They will then be evaluated based on the above objectives. From there, I will post my students’ podcasts on a class website where other students and parents can listen to the solos that the students have performed.

In this case, podcasting would be a great tool because it allows you to listen to all the students’ solos in a timely matter rather than sceduling one-on-one evaluation sessions with each member of the band. It is also a great tool because it can be posted online, where students can share their performances. In addition, it may encourage students to practice lots and make sure their solo sounds great because anyone in the world will be able to listen to it if they would like to.


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