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Inspiration is a software program that your school will need to purchase and download. Inspiration is a program that helps  you create webs and diagrams. It is a great tool for brainstorming in the classroom and creating documents for your students that are interesting and creative. You can also use it as a tool for student assignments. The only disadvantage is that students will have to use the program at school as they cannot access inspiration at home.

Here are some examples of how inspiration can be used:

A web I created.

Food and Nutrition

water bottle rockets

One great resource for using inspiration is Inspired Websites.

You could use inspiration as a teaching tool in Entrepreneurship 30. In Module 3, Entrepreneruial skills, objective 3.7, students are asked “to compose and outline a goal or set of goals to be accomplished within the near future based upon a set of personally defined skills necessary to accomplish the goal(s).” During this class, I would have students use inspiration. They would each create a web called “my goals” and then add at least three goals to their web (long term or short term). They can then link websites, pictures, sub-goals, and extra facts to each goal. I would be grading them on the ability to meet the requirements of the assignment as well as on appearance of the document.

In this case, inspiration can be a better tool than pen and paper because it helps students create a document that is easy to read with a professional experience. They can also easily add in extras like pictures and webpage links. As well, students are likely to find this activity more interesting because of the many design options they can play with using inspiration to create their document. They also have easy access to the internet as they work on the computer, so if they are looking for outside resources, they are at their fingertips!


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