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iMovie is a movie-making program found on Macintosh computers. The windows version of this program is called “Windows Movie-Maker”. You can also buy software for making movies that have additional features. With iMovie, you can download video and pictures from a camera or produce video from a webcam. From here, you can add soundtracks, audio, add and delete scenes or parts of clips, create transitions, title clips, credits, along with several other features.

There are a variety of ways that iMovie can be used in the classroom. You could have students in an English class write a short story, poem, descriptive paragraph, or even a script and then create a short movie to use to present the written assignment. You could have students create videos as project assignments for most classes, where students have to explore a particular topic and express their findings in a video. You could also connect students to the EHOW website, and have them create videos that show how to do something and then share it on the web. Video-making is fun and it can be used to encourage creative thinking skills, so try to use it in your classroom if you can!

For a specific example, I have referred to the Saskatchewan Evergreen Curriculum for Accounting 10. For the unit, “Career Opportunities in Accounting” I would have students create a video. Their assignment will be to work in groups of 4. They will need to create a video that promotes accounting and the various careers that are available in accounting. They will be encouraged to speak with people in the accounting business in the community. For their video, they will need to include transitions and at least one sound track that they have created using GarageBand. The majority of the grade will be given to content, with some emphasis on creativity and video effects.

The video project might be more beneficial to students than a traditional interview assignment or research essay assignment. Students will have the opportunity in this situation to build teamwork skills, improve technological literacy, and actively become involved in the research of a particular topic. Creating a video is also going to be a fun process for the students and gives them an open slate to become creative producers!

For more information on imovie, try visiting the following website:

Apple imovie


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