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Garageband is a music-making program. It is a program for Macintosh computers and can be used for a variety of purposes. With the program, you can compose music. You can change the key, tempo, and time signature. The program includes a variety of options. You can choose from a list of instruments and genres where you can select and add beats and melodies. You can also record your own voice. There are many options available, so try it out if you can.

Here is a sample that I created with my friend Michelle:

Crazy Song

Garage Band is a great tool to use in a music classroom.

The Band 10 curriculum objectives include the following:

Students will “develop an understanding of the fundamentals of music theory and its application to structural elements of music.”

I think that you could effectively use garage band to achieve this objective. After learning basic theory concepts and recognizing them in their music, I would have students use garage band to create a piece of music. The work would have to be at least 30 seconds long and they would only have one class to work on it. In the piece, they will need to address:

  • tempo
  • time signature
  • key signature
  • instrumentation
  • balance
  • dynamics
  • texture
  • mood
  • style

On a piece of paper, they will need to jot down notes to describe how they approached each of the bulleted points with their song.

This activity would help reinforce the musical terms that the students have been learning about. It would help them apply the concepts they have been using in a practical way and it would encourage them to carefully and critically consider how other composers use various musical techniques. The neat thing about Garage Band is that it guides students in their composition, making the process less difficult and less time consuming then starting from scratch! Especially when Band classes tend to have limited class time to accomplish so much, Garage Band would be a very effective tool for teaching and learning.

For more information on Garage Band, view the following link:

Apple garageband


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