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Digital Imaging

Digital Imaging refers to digital photography and means of transfering images to a computer as well as editing images on a computer. If you have access to a digital camera, you can take pictures on the camera and then transfer them to your computer so that you can edit, share, and print them. You can transfer images using the USB connecting cord that comes with your camera or by removing the memory card from your camera and placing it in the memory card slot in your computer (not all computers have memory card slots). Another way you can transfer images to a computer is by scanning hard copies with a computer scanner. Some scanners come as a seperate hardware device and others can be found as part of printers.

Every computer and hardware device is different, but when you are importing images from a scanner or camera, the software that you will need to access the images will likely load onto your computer automatically. If not, look in the accessories tab in your start menu – that is where your camera and scanner wizard will likely be..

There are many ways that you can use digital imaging in a classroom. Some schools have digital cameras for students to use, and most students have digital cameras of their own (or that belong to their parents), so resources likely won’t be an issue. Schools should have scanners located in their building as well.

For a specific example, refer to the Evergreen Curriculum for Career and Work Exploration A30 Module 16: Exploring Education and Career Pathways states that students will “investigate a number of career pathways and the related educational requirement.” Here is what I would suggest for fullfilling this objective:

  • In advance, arrange permission with each of the students’ work placement managers for students to take some pictures while working.
  • Have all students find a digital camera they can use outside of class (provide assitance from school resources if needed). If you don’t have enough cameras for all students, they could share.
  • Give students the task of taking a minimum of 10 pictures during their workplacement. They should be taking pictures that display what their job is all about.
  • Students must then import their images onto computers and edit them if needed. They will then need to make a short PowerPoint presentation using the pictures, that explains their job activities.
  • During class time, all students will give a short 5 minute presentation of their pictures for the rest of the class. For each presentation, students will need to respond to one or more things that they learned about that career that they did not know before.
  • Students will be evaluated on their responses to other students as well as their own presentations.

This assignment not only gives students experience using digital cameras and computers (as well as PowerPoint), but it allows for them to be the experts/teachers in the classroom and share what they have learned in their work experience part of the class. It also gives other students an opportunity to learn more about what kind of jobs are available in the community and what they entail.


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