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A blog is a personalized online journal where others can post comments. Anyone can create a blog and there are several programs available to use for blogging. Some examples are wordpress, blogger, easy journal,, and blogmeister for elementary classrooms. Blogs are starting to be used in classrooms quite commonly, especially in elementary schools. A blog can provide an easy connection between students, parents, and teachers. For an example of a blog I created, click the following link:

Debs Interactive Websites

In the curriculum for Photographics and Photography 10, 20, 30, curricula it is suggested that students create portfolios to display their work. A blog would be an excellent way to create a portfolio. You can teach students about blogging while allowing them to demonstrate their work from the semester. It is also a great way to share their porfolios. Rather than sending copies to post-secondary institutions, employers, or for scholarship applications, they can provide a link to their blog.

In a 20 level class, for example, I would introduce the students to blogging at the beginning of the semester. I would help them set up a blog and show them how to customize it. I would also show them how to scan and upload photos and then post them onto their blog. Throughout the semester, each time the students complete an assignment, I would have them post photos and descriptions on their blog. This would also be the way I would evaluate them, focusing on how professional their blogs look, specific photography assignment requirements, grammer, and overall improvement and progress.

This would be a very useful tool as paper portfolios are becoming less common, especially in photography. It is also gives students the opportunity to continue adding to their portfolio after the class has ended in a way that is easily accessible to them. Ultimately, allowing students to explore the technological aspects of photography during their classes will significantly improve their educational experiences. Blogging portfolios instead of placing documents in paper folders would have an entirely different impact on student learning, especially in the technological world we live in where students are closely connected to technology.


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