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March 27, 2010

Food Companies making you an Addict (and you don’t even know it)

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My mom sent me this in an email a couple days ago and I decided to blog about it because I think it is very important for people to be aware of this issue.  The article is from a blog and is titled Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein. I strongly encourage that you read it.  There was recently a recall announced on a significant number of products containing HVP.  The current list includes 160 items!

Something that really shocked me in doing research on HVP is that it contains MSG (monosodium glutamate).  MSG is something I have been trying to avoid completely because it is very dangerous for our bodies and it causes us to crave more food even when we are full.   I search ingredient labels for it each time I consider a new food product.  I am not the only one doing this.  Recently, the effects of MSG has been largely publicized so companies have had to find a new way to use it or suffer from loss of sales.  HVP contains MSG and is a way that companies are avoiding having to put MSG on the food labels.  HVP is something that I personally was not familiar with until this recall and am very disappointed that I now have to search for that in my ingredients too.  I feel the I have been deceived and am concerned that the food producers care much more about getting me addicted to their foods than helping me live a happy, healthy life.

I am reading a book by Michael Pollan right now called Food Rules (2009).  It is a fantastic book and I am very excited that someone out there is standing up for consumers.  In his book, he mentions the obvious problems with the Western Diet and explains that there is no help from food manufacturers, nutritional research centers, or governments because there is a lot of money in the food industry and the health sector (which is treating illnesses and developing drugs for the problems the Western Diet is causing).  The more companies process a food, the cheaper it is to make and the greater the profits for all involved, except of course the consumers.

With companies constantly producing new additives and chemicals to get us addicted to their foods and lower their production costs, I do not feel like I can trust processed foods whatsoever anymore.  The only way you can really avoid this problem is to eat as much naturally created food as possible and even that can be a challenge! (but that is a whole other blog post in its own)

I am very concerned for the children of the current generation.  They are growing up eating these processed foods and as a result their bodies are not getting the proper nutrients and their immune systems are suffering.  How is this influencing their health in the future, how is it influencing their moods from day to day, their attitudes towards life??  I hope we as a society can start to take this issue more seriously and try to fight against processed foods and force our manufacturers to go back to natural foods that are good for us.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I am very passionate about the foods that I eat too and I often wonder about some products that companies put into our food we eat and word it so that it tricks the conscious shoppers. There should be laws and stipulations that industries are given when preparing the foods we eat. You would think with the cost going into our healthcare in Canada that making some health laws would decrease the health crisis we are facing, therefore decrease the costs going into our healthcare system. Thanks for sharing this, there are a few items in the list that I was unaware of. Another one that bothers me is spraying vegies and fruits with chemicals to ripen them faster on the trip to the stores.

    Comment by shiels3k — March 27, 2010 @ 7:05 pm

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