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February 26, 2010

Diigo Exploration #3

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Post-its and Highlighting:

This is something that I think is unique to Diigo and definitely separates it from other social bookmarking sites.

How it works:

When you install the diigo toolbar, it gives you an icon called “highlight”. When you click on it, you can choose between four colors (yellow, blue, green, or pink). After you select a color, you can highlight any text on a webpage. Once you have highlighted the text, a small editing icon appears over the first word you highlighted. When you click on the icon, you are given several options to customize your highlight.

-You can “add an inline sticky note”. On this sticky note you can write anything you want and make it public or private.

– You can delete your highlight

– You can “get annotated link” which allows you to share this web page with others through your blog, twitter, webpage, etc. and this link will include all of your sticky notes, annotations, and highlights if you would like.

-You can “view in my library” where you can immediately view your diigo account in a new tab. It will display the webpage and all of your highlights, annotations, and sticky notes.

You don’t have to highlight something to create a sticky note! By simply right clicking on a webpage, you can add a “floating sticky note” that is either public or private depending on your preference. To remove the sticky note, click the trash can icon on the sticky note.

-Something important to note is that when you highlight or add a sticky note to a webpage, that webpage is automatically added as a bookmark in your Diigo library.

You can add to other people’s sticky notes whenever they are public. Sometimes sticky notes quickly turn into long chat forums!

The goods:

– the post-its typically include valuable information. If I am wondering about something, I can check out the post-it notes on the page and discover that someone else had that same question or I can simply post my question and will likely find an answer soon.

– If you want to remember a particular quote on a site or a certain article perhaps, highlighting makes it very easy to return to the exact information you were interested in.

The not so goods:

– the post it notes can get annoying. Sometimes I wish there was a button I could press to disable the public post-it notes. On some webpages, I have come across more than 20 post-its! They can get in the way.

– sometimes the information on the public post-its is inappropriate and unnecessary which is a definite concern for me as an educator. Do I want to recommend a tool to my students that displays inappropriate information at times?

-you cannot use the highlighting and post-it features unless you have the diigo tool bar installed. This is a particular downfall for people that travel between computers or use public computers where the tool bar installation is not permitted.

Overall there are definitely some advantages and disadvantages to Diigo post it and highlight tools. Its usefulness really depends on your personal situation and needs.


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